Abuja driver draws out his manhood, starts jerking off close to a troubled female passenger

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A female traveler has gotten out the driver of a ride hailing application for stroking his penis while she was out traveling in his vehicle.

The woman through a Twitter account shared a screen capture of the driver’s profile on the ride hailing application, labeling him a bastard.

After the tweet was shared, people on Twitter scrutinized the record asking the handler what went down… The twitter account at that point shared a video indicating the rape a female traveler was exposed to during the ride in his vehicle in Abuja.

“Don’t do that, don’t do that” the lady could be heard in the video notice the driver during the ride.

The camera then focuses in on the man’s groin giving him grasping his bare penis.

“You’ve been touching me since, and now you’re trying to jerk off in my front”, the distressed passenger could be heard saying in the video.

Some Twitter clients have condemned the lady for staying in the vehicle while the taxi driver continued jerking off.

Others pointed out that it was a risky situation and if she had lashed out, he might either have knock her out, kidnapped her, or cause an accident that might have killed her.

Watch the video below;

Abuja driver brings out
Abuja driver brings out

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