Pastor’s daughter who got pregnant out of wedlock, shares her story (Video)


A lady who happens to be a pastor’s daughter took to her social media page recently to share how she got pregnant out of wedlock. She revealed her story in a quite creative way.

HIn a TikTok video she made with singer, Simi’s Duduke playing at the background, the lady took her followers from when she got pregnant, to the stigmatization and shame she had to go through, to having her son and all the successes she enjoyed up till he turned 10-year-old.

She shared,

Hmm did you hear?
Pastor’s daughter got pregnant out of wedlock
Can you imagine?
That one! Her life is over just like that
A bouncing baby boy was born 9 months later
Graduated High school with distinction 2 years later
Graduated with 1st degree a few years after that
Relocated to a new country for further studies
Graduated with 2nd Degree 2 years later…
Got accepted into a 3rd program..
Son turned 10!!!

Watch the video she shared below,

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