Rapper Illbliss mourns over isolation among Igbos


Rapper Illbliss mourns over isolation among Igbos

Rapper Illbliss has taken to Twitter to mourn over the isolation among Igbos in the country.

Illbliss who encouraged Igbos to lift up one another and show each other veritable love and backing without condition of root, expressed that the seed of strife is planted when individuals isolate.

He tweeted;

DONT You realize they call us Wawa individuals? Avoid him. He isn’t reliable. Imo and anambra individuals are hazardous. They nearly took our state. They think they are superior to us. >>> Seeds of conflict planted in so many. So much for being one igbo

Had a companion experiencing childhood in enugu. We were close. He is from enugu state and I from imo in spite of the fact that I was brought up in enugu. One day I caught his dad (a man I had such a lot of regard for) saying to him…” for what reason would you say you are companions with this kid?” Don’t you knw they scorn us?

Nigerians join when their public pride and predominance is compromised. Fela needs to top that rundown and we guarantee he beat that rundown. So much for ethnic partitions and ancestral assessments. That is the means by which administration keeps us occupied. Apply this to all that you do

Everybody can do with a touch of thoughtfulness and empowering genuine and honest words. Be ideal to individuals. Really!

Primary concern… lets consistently see the 10,000 foot view with respect to being IGBO. Rally around one another however much we can and show each other real love and backing without our conditions of root. additionally share that affection with each one else from different clans. there is more noteworthy love in that

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